Build your Data Market Place with

Hyperledger Fabric

Managed Hyperledger Fabric-as-a-Service provides a unified platform to build Data Marketplaces by combining Distributed Ledger and Cloud Native Technologies – Microservices, Data Services – into a single scalable platform.

Platform helps you achieve

Transition and scale of existing business models to leverage Blockchain. Example use cases include Trade and Asset transfer, Retail, Supply Chain, and Healthcare (recording/verification).

  • All Fabric components
  • Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum Compatibility
  • Scale Fabric Components
  • Integration
Data Services
  • DB-as-a-Service(s)
  • AI (ML/DL)
  • Realtime pipelines
  • Scale
  • Security
Service Mesh
  • Istio (on Kubernetes)
  • Scale Microservices
  • Increase visbility
  • Integeration
  • Security
Distributed Operating System
  • Cluster Management
  • Resource Management
  • Container Orchestration
  • Cost Optimization
  • Security