Build Massively Scalable

Data Marketplaces

Powered by Blockchain

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Business Vertical with a specific Business and Revenue Model
Extract and codify Business Logic into Smart Contracts on a Blockchain
Data and Application Services integration external to the Blockchain
Ability to address Scale from day 1 vs as an afterthought
Open Source

Prevalent Open Source technologies power future-proof abstraction layers


A single platform to run current Cloud Native applications and future Decentralized Applications


Address Scale from day one GTM vs costly reengineering to address growth


Apply DevOps practices across current Cloud Native and Blockchain applications

Data Marketplace Platform

Key Layers

Integrating to existing Centralized Data Sources within the platform
Codify Business rules aligned to the Business and Revenue Model as Smart Contracts
Unified platform to run Centralized and Decentralized Services
Future-proof abstraction to intelligently manage resources and scheduling of compute, storage and networking
Ability to select underlying hardware resources

Data Monetization in a Decentralized Economic System

Our platform helps build global networks of Human-generated data assets leveraging Blockchain as the medium of exchange


Permission-based Human-generated data that need to prove validity and credibility in a Marketplace


Anyone with data generated of value through their skills and creations


Buy and sell verified data with respective attached value